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Dec 8, 2012 9:00am EST
many terms have you served up? >> guest: three. >> host: bill, manhattan beach california tragedy is a privilege to talk to you, senator coburn. you're one of my heroes. i wish the heck that should run for president. i know perhaps you need fhfa you'd look pretty right these other characters, but that's just -- >> guest: i love that backhanded compliment. >> caller: but i'm serious about that. you're one of the few that really run the place correctly, and actually there should be extracts from this "in depth" interview and you should at gunpoint sit all the other senators and congressmen down and make them watch this, because it's really terrific stuff. having said that, i have two things. your latest book, "the debt bomb" you talk about the careerists in congress and so forth. people who understand already what's going on say oh, he said it, look at there. he said. but the people don't understand what's going on don't get. what you worry inferring is that people take campaign contributions for changing the tax code, which they do and that's the only reason for having a corporate
Dec 2, 2012 12:00pm EST
battery life. theresa from california pioneers did you love to read so this is why you made this choice >>caller: amazon and i am a nursing student i needed a tablet for school and i love the candle -- kindle s well >>host: it is not just about having something that looks great it is the speed. it is 40% faster than the previous versions it will be such a pleasure to use it >>caller: absolutely. i cannot wait to get it. i am excited. the cover the fantastic.i am really looking forward to getting it. >>host: we will send it out right to you, check the front a week. enjoy your holidays and have fun with this >>caller: thank you so much and take care >>host: i need to update you on the case is about to sell out. have 1000 remaining and only black and white. add that case to you order it will only one more presentation before it is gone. item 099-849. we will have one more presentation but if you go to click buy now that will hop to to the front of the line. >>guest: vof -- menu, you have parental controls that allow you to set upe free tie that is a and included se
Dec 3, 2012 12:00am EST
of you can roseanne in california ordered the today's special and some of the matching goodies hello. welcome are you ordering herkimer for the first time? >>caller: this is the first time. took me so long because i am from her former county. >>guest: what a small world. >>caller:it is very pretty, pretty area of parry and >>caller: also bought the 24 in. necklace in the ring that colleen lopez had on. get in there is absolutely gorgeous. was a kid it wasc13 back but we used to coach was called little falls cents. these are gorges these are just gorgeous and this is just beautiful so i feel very fortunate to be able to get >>guest: in on it is cool because this will mean something special to you, this is a slice of the past. >>guest: that is very cool and i am glad that you join the club. >>caller: thank you for bringing them to hsn . >>host:enjoy your holidays. and thank you for the call in you ladies, that is where i feel like i get my, those kinds of stories and think you for calling in sharing and enjoying what we have fun it to you. we do appreciate it. >>host:
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3